Terms and conditions

All prices are shown in Danish currency (DKK) and include the VAT of 25%.

We accept Dankort, Visa, e-Dankort and Paypal. When ordering, please enter the card number, the card expiry date, and the security code. Please note that the use of a credit card incurs a fee; the amount depends on the specific card used. Our service provider Quickpay lists such fees at www.quickpay.dk/acquirers/network/transaction-costs/.

The use of cards issued by financial institutions outside Denmark incurs a surcharge of approximately 3,75%.
Payments made to Magic Robes are transacted through Quickpay. Quickpay employs the SSL protocol to encrypt information passed between the web browser (the cardholder or buyer) and the web server (the business or seller). Therefore, information transferred during the purchase process is protected an no unauthorised persons including employees at magicrobes.com can read your card number or other information transmitted during the transaction with Quickpay, who handles payments for purchases made on magicrobes.com. The SSL encryption standard is prevalent and is considered to be highly secure. An illustration of the SSL purchase process is available at www.pbs – international.dk.

Your information (name, address, and e-mail) will be encrypted when you send it (as indicated by the padlock symbol at the bottom right hand corner of the website). We use your information exclusively to send you our webshop newsletter, to ship your purchased items, and to notify you in case of any unforeseen delivery problems. In addition, you will receive an order confirmation email immediately upon your webshop purchase. Purchase data is retained for 2 years to ensure proper processing of returns or exchanges.

Your purchases are shipped via Post Nord at a fixed charge of 39 kr. in Denmark and 119 kr. internationally.

Immediately upon making a purchase online, you will receive an order confirmation via email. It provides, among other details, an order number, the name and address of the payor, the payment method, the delivery address, and a list of the items ordered.

The receipt is the last step in the purchase process. We recommend that you print it immediately so as to be in a position to submit it in connection with order cancellations, returns, or exchanges.

You have the right to cancel your purchase within 14 days without explanation. The right of cancellation expires 14 days after receipt of the goods. If the right of cancellation expires on a holiday, Saturday, Constitution Day, Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, it is extended to the following business day. If an order includes several products delivered in more than one batch, the right of cancellation is counted form the date you received the last unit or batch.

To use your right of withdrawal, you must inform us unambiguously that you wish to withdraw, e.g. by letter or e-mail. You cannot simply choose not to receive/sign for the package upon delivery.

If you wish to cancel a purchase, you must return the product to us. You can only return products which are not used and are resalable. You will be liable for any deterioration in the product’s value that is due to handling other than what is necessary to determine the products’ nature, characteristics and method of functioning. This includes the hangtags and the packaging important for possible resale of the product. Any damage to or failure to return the hangtags and packaging will be deemed to be a deterioration in its value.

You assume the risk of ensuring that the product is packaged responsibly when it is returned.  We recommend that you always keep the postal receipt as well as the tracking number. Items without hang tags cannot be returned.

You must return the product(s) without undue delay and no later than 14 days from the date on which you informed us of your wish to withdraw.

Shipping charges for returns are not refundable.
Returns are to be shipped to the address printed at the bottom of this page under ‘Company Information’.


If you wish to exchange a product you purchased, you will pay the return shipping cost for the exchange. If a product is to be exchanged multiple times, e.g. if the size is wrong, you must pay the shipping costs for any additional exchange.


Once we have received the item and accepted the return we will transfer the price of the item to you account as soon as possible. To avoid illegal use of stolen credit cards we only pay back the amount To the same credit card as the item was bought with.  We reserve the right to hold back payment until we have received the returned item or have received documentation for the return.

We issue refunds for incorrect order fulfillment and for damaged goods.
The goods are covered by a 2-year warranty as of the date of receipt by the customer. Vandalism, improper use, and the like are not covered by the warranty. Notification with details regarding product defects or deficiencies must be provided to Magic Robes within a reasonable time after the defect or deficiencies were or should have been discovered.

Your online purchase through Magic Robes is conducted in the English language. It is subject to relevant legislation in Denmark, including the provisions relating to consumers’ rights in connection with door-to-door sales, catalogue sales, and subscription sales – commonly referred to as the Consumer Agreements Act.

Magic Robes is not liable for typographical and pricing errors, changes in VAT and tax rates, and supply shortages.



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