About us

Imagine a magic robe in which all children can play and be carefree.
That is the idea behind Magic Robes.

This Danish brand was founded in 2013 by Jelena Durovic, a mother who decided that only the best is good enough when it comes to children. She created Magic Robes while running the award winning store Sejedrenge.dk in Copenhagen and was happy to see her new brand nominated as the best organic brand in 2015.

Magic Robes is all about organic quality clothing and room for play. All our styles are made from organic cotton by a GOTS certified manufacturer (CU 820334), and they are hard-wearing and comfortable so that children can move easily and play freely.

Because we strive for comfort, the design is simplistic without unnecessary accessories. However, simplicity does not exclude fun. Our motto is, after all, room for play, and in our collections, we always make sure to include fun prints which stimulate children’s imagination and playfulness.

Our magical universe is one where children can be exactly who they want to be. Therefore, all our styles are unisex and suitable for boys as well as girls and can be mixed and matched as you please. There is no right or wrong: your imagination is the only limit!